My Lists

Are you looking to organize your life a bit more? My Lists is a simple GTD-style application that allows you to track almost anything you can think of. Grocery and shopping lists, catchy songs you hear on the radio, movies to rent, books to read — any list can be just a touch away and shared with your friends through the built-in mail application.

Features include:

  • Every list can have an icon
  • Every item in a list can have a note
  • Every list item can be quickly "checked" with a touch
  • Mail an entire list through your mail application
  • All lists (and every item within a list) can be reordered
  • All lists (and list items) can be deleted with a swipe
  • Clean, quick user interface

Version 1.996:

  • Fixed bug that affected certain iPad users and caused a crash on startup
  • Fixed a bug where editing items in a list that is filtered could result in unexpected behavior
  • Updated more artwork for multiple devices and resolutions

Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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