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Is it finally time to drop that bad habit you've been trying to conquer for so long? Our newest version of the Quitter app for iPhone is here to help. As always, the main focus of our app is to show you how long it has been since you last indulged and how much money you have saved as a result. With Quitter 3 you can track anything from cigarettes to Baconnaise™ by entering the cost per day.

New features such as adding images of what inspires you to overcome whatever you are quitting will help keep you on track toward your goal. Make the change today and let our app help you see the benefits of quitting!

New features added in 3.05:

  • Added support for Apple Watch Series 4 watch faces and complications!
  • Updated for iOS 12 and watchOS 5.
  • You can now also preview complications in the iOS Watch app.

Version 3

  • Completely redesigned and modernized for newer devices including Apple Watch! All new Apple Watch version with complications for quick and easy reminders of just how far along you've come
  • Track how long and how much you've saved since you quit
  • Supports AppleWatch
  • Set Alerts to remind you of how much progress you have made

Available for iPhone and iPod touch.

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